Xstrata Copper

  • K61 – shop fabrication and site erection of platforms and associated steelworks
  • P63, M37 and I54 – vent fans structural rebuild and civil works
  • General work – chutes, conveyor frames, rebuild of components
  • Ongoing converter maintenance and shutdowns

 Xstrata Ongoing Maintenance Contracts

  • Coppper Smelter Converters
  • Heavy Rebuild workshop
  • HMP No 2 Concentrator

Aditya Birla Mt Gordon (Gunpowder)

  • Rebuild of 13m dia x 14m high concentrate storage tank, to API 653 Standard
  • Conveyor idler, wheel wash, spool piece patch and repair
  • Vent collar liner 

Xstrata Zinc

  • Lead smelter pan conveyor, built and assembled
  • Stainless steel reagent tanks
  • Process pipeline replacements
  • Process vessel and hoppers
  • General work – paste piping, ladders, pipe supports

Xstrata Copper – Isasmelt

  • Lobster Back for Copper Smelter, custom manufactured to replace old plant